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It is a karmic relationship. A karmic relationship is not always romantic. It can be between a family member or a friend. A toxic person or an empath can be from your soul group who helps you to heal your past unknowingly. Empaths are natural healers, but as an empath, you are probably thinking, "How is this toxic person helping me to heal?". The universe is testing you in order to help you go on to the next chapter of your life. Will you repeat the cycle by staying with this person or pass the test for what you really seek to change within yourself?  So, a past life lesson needs to be learned from the relationship.

As you can see, karmic relationships don't last. Even though in romantic karmic relationships, there may be a high attraction towards one another, there is a level of toxicity in the relationship. If you stay in the relationship it will become codependent or unbalanced. Once the lesson is learned or you are healed, the relationship should break off in less than 6 months. That means energetically as well. If you still feel attached to the person with distance, you may experience a tower moment, which is an existential crisis.

So, why are toxic people attracted to empaths? Empaths or lightworkers transmute darkness which is why toxic people are drawn to those with light energy. It's like a mosquito to a lightbulb. The toxic person only feels happy because a void is being filled.


Signs you are in a karmic relationship:

1. The attraction may be very strong, but the person isn't your usual physical type.

2. There are red flags. One person is showing signs of toxicity such as manipulation, lying, or addiction.

3. The relationship feels destined. Synchronicities may be happening, but one person feels insecure or may have trust issues. 

4. You may become addicted or codependent. If so, you start to lose your sense of self. Usually, it is the empath who has decided to stay with the toxic person.

5. There are negative patterns of behavior that are not healthy for the relationship. Usually, coming from the toxic person. The empath may question the behavior, try to change it, or justify it. The intuition of the empath is usually always correct and shouldn't be justified. 

6. The relationship brings out the worst in you. There may be a fluctuation in this. The toxic person may be manipulating you to take on behavior that is unlike you. But the empath is a mirror. Once the relationship has broken off, both people start evaluating why the relationship dissipated. It may take some time to figure out, but both will eventually see it was because of manipulation, addiction, or false intentions. So, there will be another tower moment or in this case, a revelation.

So, don't force yourself to stay in a toxic or karmic relationship. As stated before, it is only to learn a lesson and then let go. You may love, but love is not the only component when bringing balance to relationships. There are 7 chakras that need to be balanced. In my experience, toxic people are unapologetic or insincere. They may say sorry with no signs of change through actions. So, don't expect to see change within them. You have to let go and start within yourself, even if they try to come back. If you let them back in, the negative patterns will only begin again.

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