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Sometimes I wonder how many psychopaths I may have encountered in my lifetime. Sometimes people like me just go about life and come across a manipulative person. I can't help but wonder what the motives were. There was gaslighting, stonewalling, stalking in some intimate experiences, and yet the person appeared so stable in other instances, especially in public around others. 

It may feel like you are dealing with two people, one who is secretive and another who seems open and authentic. You start to question this person because your intuition keeps nagging at you. The biggest signal for me was the omission lying. This is when someone deliberately withholds information from you. In my case, it was direct questions about actions, events, or scenarios. The answer was either evasive and short or "I don't remember." this event even happened. 

Omission lying is just as manipulative as straightforward lying. It shows that the character of the person is sneaky. Also, it leads to the one being deceived to think and act differently than if they had all the information. Omission lying takes longer for the lie to uncover. Sometimes it is not uncovered at all and that can be a good thing. But, if the manipulator is avoiding you after asking a direct question, it may mean you came very close to finding out. Be glad you are being avoided, but still, be cautious to protect yourself from those who have hidden deceptive behavior. 

If the lie is hidden for a long time and you find out it can lead to traumatic after-effects such as a broken relationship. This is why due diligence and verifying is important when assessing information when we second guess someone's behavior. Also, this is why trusting your intuition is so important. Work on your third eye chakra to heighten your intuition. 

For more information about how to handle this form of manipulation based on my personal experience, you can message me here on my website through the chat or book a free consultation. If the person was removed from your life for any reason, it was because there was an unjust situation happening. So, thank your lucky stars.

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