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Hard power is using a gun or other type of weapon. Soft power is using attraction to get the counterpart to do desirable behavior. Hard power is by force and soft power and getting someone to like you is through charm. Soft power is a strategy most people don't know about unless they work in public, international relations, or politics. So, when you think of an influencer on Youtube, they are using soft power on their audience to trigger you to buy a product or service. Will I be using soft power? YES! I want people to follow my work. In this case, it is different because it is to get you the information you need to disengage with manipulators, narcissists, enablers, abusers, possible psycho or sociopaths who are using soft power on you for codependency. 

The tools of power are both visible and invisible. Soft power can be a visible and invisible tool. My podcast on Soundcloud and YouTube channel will be a visible soft power tool.  An invisible soft power tool is a person who uses their energy to appeal to someone also known as the law of attraction. A manipulator may use the silence treatment. This is a form of soft power used in the law of attraction. Absence is very powerful. People feel your presence more when you are absent or distant.

 A manipulator may become distant only to get you to become responsive. Actually, silence is more powerful than any other soft power tool. It is like playing chess because when you move in silence, your enemies won't know where to make their moves. It is only when the soft power tactics don't work anymore after you have caught on that manipulators may start to use hard power. So, confuse your manipulators by moving in silence. Beat them at their own game.

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