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It is not unexplainable at all how I came to have this recent experience. I found the answer and being clingy won't help you to find true love. You have to be selfish and direct your energy toward loving yourself first if you want to become the divine feminine or divine masculine. You have to know your authentic self and become that in order for your soul to be recognized. Once you start doing that, these are the 6 key elements in recognizing your soulmate:

1. You can't find your soulmate through a dating app. Your soulmate can only be presented to you in the social settings you are already in. Live your life and in your daily life, one day the right person will appear. Don't go looking for no one but yourself. You can manifest your wish, but after just let go and let it happen. Focus on what you need to do for yourself to be happy with or without this person.

2.  After you practice self-love by directing your energy towards yourself, you attract that love in another. After, the universe will place you in a situation to spend time alone together routinely through synchronicities and serendipity. Slowly, you will get to know each other more the way it should be. Jumping directly into a relationship is not ideal. Slow and steady wins the race as the relationship builds from intense, complex emotions. It will be a much more fulfilling, sensual experience with stages to level up.

3. The universe will create space between you two. In order to know the person is right for you and not only just a friend, space and time will eventually provide that answer. Love really is patient and kind. With space, the heart grows fonder and in time if the person is right, there will be a return and a confession. If it is not meant to be, remember rejection is redirection to find the right one for you. Just keep being yourself and the right one will come along eventually. This requires faith on your part and the ability to let go of any preconceptions from childhood about the way love should be.

4. There will be chemistry just like that Semisonic song. You will feel an undeniable attraction, communication in silence that is understood, a natural pull towards each other and the eyes don't lie. The eyes really are the windows to the soul. Never be afraid to look at them and see the truth of what is really there in the heart and mind.

5. You are connected through similar experiences and interests that impact you both. You begin to take notice of how similar you are through stories, likes and dislikes such as music. Also, divine confirmation through a spiritual awakening is most likely to happen. Since your soul is recognizing another soul, skin color, age, and other factors may not matter. If you feel free to be comfortable with who you are around each other, that is one clear sign that you can show both your light and dark sign.

6. Last but not least is, there is a divine plan for the two of you. Soulmates help to serve each other's purpose in life by becoming a muse that leads to a power couple. You will feed off each other's strengths to balance weaknesses. If you are appreciating that this person came into your life because you are being supported to improve yourself, he or she may be the one. Still not sure, keep this newfound beginning slow, meditate on it, and eventually you will find the answer. It won't take too long. If it does, he or she probably isn't the one for you. This kind of love is decisive.

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