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I do believe in the concept of twin flames. It is your soul projected onto another both the good and the bad. It is ok to have the dark side as long as it is being acknowledged and balanced. If it is not balanced, it will be through a real twin flame union. Your twin will show you what you couldn't see before. Once you accept what you couldn't see, you will begin to transform to balance yourself out. Usually, it happens during separation the most, but in the union as well. We all need space to deal with and work on ourselves.

If you feel you can't live without someone, that person is not for you. It is for sure, not a divine union. Spiritual unions challenge growth together and independently and twin flame unions more so. Separation is inevitable to force growth independently, doing that gives power. The force comes from signs and synchronicities that the divine is giving you for revelation or a realization. You may question your ideologies and relationships through spiritual awakening. That is what the revelation is. What is hidden within you or repressed will come to light.  

 When you do the work and come back together the union is stronger or more balanced after healing through self-love. Through loving yourself first, you have more love to share or express not only through your spiritual unions but your enemies too. Loving yourself is the way to conquering your enemies. Many people don't want that for you. When you start your soul's calling, you are sending that vibration out to your counterpart. When you come together there is a higher purpose beyond you two. You are a power couple and your enemies don't want pirates reinforcing change in the world. Enemies want to control you and they can't do anything if they lose control of you once you find your freedom. That's the holy grail right there.

From the movie "The Last Dragon"

You won't know when, but now you know how. Let go of control and let divine timing play out.

From the movie "500 Days of Summer"

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