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Every intimate relationship involves power dynamics. Some people will push the waters to see how far they can take whatever it is they want from you. People will run into trouble when they use power unconsciously or manipulate. The trouble is karma.

 People who seek status will usually use power defensively by creating distance and confusion. They will do while denying they are doing so if confronted. They don't have to have narcissistic personality disorder or be codependent, but there is this need of being needed. Those who like power have a strong need to help or provide. 

Balancing out the masculine and feminine energies in relationships can help unhealthy power dynamics. I think a play on power helps with confidence as long as there are boundaries when switching roles. I am now learning how to harness my masculine energy while still being feminine. But, if a man has trouble being vulnerable or expressing emotion from a need to be in control, heart chakra meditations can help.

 For more information about creating healthy power dynamics in relationships, you can message me in the chat here on HEART CHAKRA SOUL or book a free consultation.

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