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The goal for everyone in 2020 was to stay resilient, but many failed to make it to 2021. Be grateful for being here and adjusting to change, because the best way to manifest your vision into being for this year is by going with the flow. 

Many people are depressed, feeling paralyzed into stagnation. For all actions, belief in thought is the first step for manifesting anything. Your thoughts become your words leading to action. So, if you keep expressing what you don't want in your life, you are manifesting defeat. 

I don't know how many times a day I look out into space and dream of what I want for myself. It is not easy for everyone to know what they want. A visualization meditation can help with clarity. Try this exercise before bed for awareness of your intuition or gut instinct.

  First, create one vision board focused on a goal. You can create more than one vision board to connect all of your goals into one later. Below is one of my goals from 2020 into 2021:
Sit in a grounding position, gaze at the vision board placed in front of you. On an inhale breath through your nose as you raise your arms to the air with hands wide open.
Exhale through your mouth closing your eyes as you bring down your arms and place both your hands over your eyes, absorbing the visuals into your mind. 
Repeat 10 times for every practice.

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