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Love bombing is a trap. It is a showering of affection with someone you just met or some toxic person trying to get back into your life. It's a lot of words and gifts to lure you in.  Many promises are made, but there is never any action. It is also a way to know if the person is codependent or not. If someone is texting you day and night or all day with messages like:

"We were meant to be."

"I love you" and don't even know you.

"I love everything about you." but hasn't even seen me at my worst.

They just want your undivided attention. If you feel someone is trying to buy you, they probably are trying to buy you to stay and go nowhere. It's just a selfish act to have what they want from you. 

If someone says "I can't live without you." it would be best to disappear. If someone doesn't know how to live without you, it is a huge red flag. I mean we all die. If you die, what is that person going to do? Leech off your grave? Come on!

A lot of romantic movies create false ideas of what true love really is. If anyone is obsessing over you, has no hobbies, or any kind of life outside of you, it is an unhealthy relationship. You may feel unbalanced from being in their company, anxiety, or a feeling of suffocation. All relationships need space. We have so much to work on in life with ourselves. You can't be around someone 24/7. Where is the mystery? When you come back to meet with someone after some time apart, you have stories to tell. There is nothing to tell if the person is there 24/7. It can get pretty boring. What I am saying is don't create enmeshment. Have a life of your own outside all relationships, including friends and family.

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