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If you are feeling out of place, you haven't found your place yet. In order to find your soul tribe, you need to work on finding yourself. Once, you start finding yourself and doing things that make you happy, you will find the soul family you seek. Whatever your purpose is you will find people to help you serve it. It can be a business opportunity, a marriage contract, or even a process of healing through growth. You must be patient because you may not meet your soul tribe all at once. They will arrive along your path as you work on yourself to pursue your purpose. 

To find your purpose, meditation can help you to tune in. You can try manifestation meditation practice from the previous post which may help to open up your third eye chakra. Your intuition will be heightened so you can recognize the members of your soul tribe when they arrive. Also, start surrounding yourself with those who can influence your future to help you carry out your soul mission. By doing this, you will attract your soul tribe. 

The people you choose to surround yourself with will impact the way think, act, and feel. So, it is important to build relationships with people who have higher vibrational energy than yours in what you seek to change in yourself. If someone inspires and encourages you to be better, be around them. If not around you, there are other things you can do to absorb their energy for manifestation.

Your inner knowing will tell you who is right for you and who is not. The universe will give you nudges and hints such as forces into new situations, signs, symbols, and events of synchronicities. If you are feeling drawn to someone, know it is for a reason you may not understand until time passes. The positive side of covid is that people have been forced into these meetings of divine timing. People have been working jobs they normally wouldn't and moving back home to their roots while others have been forced to leave unstable foundations to create roots elsewhere. Your soul tribe may already be here. 

Everything is being put into place as your soul family guides each other. Be open, vulnerable, humble, honest, and talk from the heart, because the people you meet on your journey become better when you share your knowledge and wisdom. As they share their knowledge and wisdom with you, you will find out more about yourself which is a never-ending process to becoming your best self.

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