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Many people have experienced ghosting but few know what it is really called or why it is done. If someone hides by refusing to talk to you is an act of control. It goes 2 ways:

There is hope the person will come back to them giving what is wanted.


The people who stonewall to try to kill off the relationship and any unwanted feelings/energies associated with the relationship.

Have I stonewalled someone? YES! It was never hoping anyone would come back to me. It was to gain control over my own life from someone trying to have control over me. They were always too toxic to deal with. Silence was the best answer for just cutting someone off. Some people you just need to cut and run for your own safety.

 If someone is ignoring you to control you, I would consider that emotional abuse actually. Taking back your energy should not be confused with cold-shouldering as a way to control someone. Taking back your energy for self-love or self-care is different. You are putting yourself first by doing what makes you happy. That is not manipulation. That is steering clear of toxic energies by living a balanced life. Once you do that, you attract the right energies. 

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