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Ring in the new year with a singing bowl meditation to set the tone by cleansing your chakras. Meditative sounds bring joy and calm as much as religious and holiday music. So, I decided to buy this singing bowl for the new year to heal myself and others. As you know, there are 7 chakras and each chakra has an associated sound or vibration. These frequencies of vibration create balance. Listening to these sounds will help to release low vibrational energy causing a block or imbalance. It is recommended to buy a 7 chakra singing bowl healing set or a singing bowl that focuses on the chakra that needs the most healing. If you don't have access to a singing bowl, you can listen to the associated nature sound, sing the vowel or mantra. How to recognize which chakras are closed and which ones are open? Inquire about a life coaching session for more information. This information includes knowledge on which singing bowl is best for you and the best brands.

1st: Root Chakra: 396 Hz 

Mantra: LAM

Vowel: Uh

Nature sounds associated with the ground.

2nd: Sacral Chakra: 417 Hz

Mantra: VAM

Vowel: Ooh

Nature sounds associated with water.

3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra: 528 Hz

Mantra: RAM

Vowel: Oh

Nature sounds associated with fire.

4th: Heart Chakra 639 Hz

Mantra: YAM

Vowel: Ah

Nature sounds associated with the air.

5th: Throat Chakra 741 Hz

Mantra: HAM

Vowel: Eye

Nature Sounds associated with crickets.

6th: Third Eye Chakra 852 Hz

Mantra: SHAM

Vowel: Aye

Nature sound associated with space.

7th: Crown Chakra  963 Hz

Mantra: AUM

Vowel: Eee

Nature Sound associated with space.

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