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You can't just eat anything when you have dietary restrictions, especially during the holidays. Usually, the person saying you can eat anything is the person eating junk food every day. I am prediabetic and in my process, I made many mistakes that did lead to eating incorrectly. I can eat MOSTLY anything, but not all. As you know, specific foods add more calories than others and can trigger addiction to food. When counting calories with dietary restrictions, it is best to count your intake for sugar, carbs, and sodium. As a prediabetic, I found a way to count these calories as well. Prediabetics should have 25g of sugar, 130g of carbs, and 2300mg of sodium a day. So, figure out for yourself or from a nutritionist your daily intake according to your dietary needs. You can plug that information in as you count calories for weight loss using MyFoodDiary®. A food diary is the best solution for keeping track of your daily intake. As for water, women need 2.7 liters per day and men need 3.7 liters per day to include in the food diary. Want more information? Contact me for referrals to nutritionists. 

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