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Even though Covid cases have risen, it is not the only reason I have decided to not celebrate Thanksgiving from now on. Every Thanksgiving holiday I attended was never celebrated with gratitude. As I write, I feel guilty even putting a capital "T". Capitalizing the word thanksgiving gives the holiday a sense of pride. It was just eating until you felt your stomach was going to explode every holiday season. There were no gatherings of any kind celebrating each other. So, I have decided not to celebrate thanksgiving at all since it is a holiday that most people celebrate in vain. Also, the history of thanksgiving is misconstrued. I will be celebrating the history of my ancestors, the Shinnecock Tribe by meditating and mourning in spiritual practice. Here are other reasons not to celebrate:

Ignores the history of Native Americans.

  The murder of too many turkeys.

Ignores the history of colonialism.

It is a holiday of unnecessary stress.

What did I say before?

Did I mention covid?

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