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As a lightworker, I attract many narcissists and I had to drop them like a bad habit. I learned that these are the similar traits between them:


Narcissists will use for their advantage. 

Gaslighting is psychological manipulation. They will attack your mind first! They will trick you into questioning your own sanity to see how far they can go to take advantage of you. The biggest form of of gaslighting is DENIAL. They don't admit to anything they have done wrong. They will always point their finger at you. This behavior is a form of abuse that is taken too lightly because it is common, especially in families, marriages and toxic workplaces.


You can't tell them anything! They want to be right always.
In their eyes they see nothing wrong with themselves. They will not make any improvements because there is nothing to be improved according to their view! They don't apologize because that is admitting to a fault. They are not humble in the way they treat others. They will judge you and never themselves.

Don't talk about yourself with them 'cause they don't want to hear it. If you want to shut them up, talk about yourself. They will go silent on you. Not responding is their way of not showing support and hiding their true emotions about the way they really feel about you - JEALOUS!

"Nevermind, I will do it myself! You too slow for me!"

They don't consider your own tasks and time. Your time is their time and if you are not doing what they say right away, expect a hissy fit!

 Now, you know the cause of their impatience. They feel you are obligated to serve them by doing what they tell you to do. If you don't, they feel threatened by you. They will step over your boundaries for their own needs. Actually, they don't like being alone. If you threaten to leave them, they will start acting nice to you only so you can't runaway. They need you to be of service to them.

They date you for your looks. Way better for them if you didn't think for yourself. Easier to control you through manipulation and get away with their grandiose behavior controlled through materialism.


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