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Who in this world is seen for who they really are? In the world, COVID-19 is exposing the good and the evil. That is a blessing in disguise, unfortunately coming with a price. Like most people, I have been going through struggles of my own during this time. This blog keeps me sane because I can share my truth when there is no one willing to accept the truth.

 I stopped meditating for over 3 weeks, and I saw drastic changes. I was not as aware of myself and others as I was before, my intuition was weaker though my spiritual gifts were still there, and old habits resurfaced. I received a message from spirit the other day about a scammer. I was folding my laundry and I noticed the tag of my shirt said, “Dear John”, but I was not aware it was a warning sign. Dear is associated with letters to militants in the army. John is the real name of the scammer. When I searched the name in Google, it is a militant persona created by what appears to be a psychopath. 

As a Lightworker, people from dark places come into my life often and I have come across many psychopaths and narcissists. Meditation and other spiritual practice help to protect me. It really is my shield and armor because I had many red flags shown to me about this person and others in the past 3 weeks, but was unable to see clearly since I stopped meditating. So, with everything happening in the world with COVID-19, systemic racism, scams and much more, just make space and take the time to breathe, because people want you dependent. They will manipulate and show you what they want you to see until they are exposed. 

Your inner knowing is your knowing. Meditation means mind + attention, and everyone starts with trying to control your mind first. You will be shown at first what people want you to see. The shadow side will be hidden, but with daily meditation practice you will be able to see through the veil. One time a person told me, "If I am not interested in anything, I remain quiet and if I am, I will talk." The reality is most people come into your life to get something from you for their own means. Meditation will help you to control your own mind and will steer you away from those toxic people.

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