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If there is something you always wanted to do, now is the time to do it. Getting to know yourself by learning something new is part of finding your soul's true calling. I knew rollerblading was part of my soul's calling since I was 12 years old. Money was not the reason why I never tried to rollerblade up until now. I feared falling, but guess what? Falling is inevitable, so it is important to learn the perfect way to fall to get back up and keep going. This is a time a reflection and improving yourself, not sitting back and doing nothing while waiting on a stimulus check.

Growing up, my mother got into a car accident and hurt her back. Ever since then, my mother instilled negative thinking in me based on her own fears. My mother fears the worse possible outcome until this day, that she gets in her own way.  She can be self-sabotaging, and I was self-sabotaging as well. Adopting her fears growing up was the only reason why I never learned what I wanted for my own happiness. She was not the only one hindering me. I come from a very inactive family, and I was listening to everyone else instead of my own inner voice. 

I blame myself the most for not enabling my personal growth, but I was young and was not sure what to do to change.It took years of self-healing to realize what I wanted for myself. I teach self-healing, because expect that no one will to be there to help empower you but yourself. When I asked for help from my family for my own personal growth, did they help me? NO. No matter how much they will try to gaslight me, I remember I had to teach myself many things just to catch up to the speed of my own soul. Today, when I was able to stand up and see that falling is fun, I gained so much confidence to get back up and try it again!

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