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I felt intrigued to write this blog post because, I crossed paths with someone who is holding back from obtaining happiness based on fear. Some people make a wish for what they want and when it comes true, they cannot believe it is real. Everything obtained in life is based on a belief system. If you believe something is too good to be true, then that is what you are manifesting. People need more faith in themselves, but sometimes the ego gets in the way. The ego can block what is true from intuition, but instead the past has conditioned us to stay in a zone that is not healthy. It seems more stable to stay there than to face change.

When you are in denial, you are self-sabotaging. Your whole world could change if you only believe in what is true. The only way to obtain happiness is to let go of fear. Some people have a fear of showing their emotions, while others have a fear of drowning. It is the fear of rejection or failing that holds us back. Rather than take a risk, we rather hide to avoid the worse possible outcome. Self-healing those past traumas is the key to success, but in order to do that we need to learn how to embrace the spirit by tuning into it. From there, you will really know what you want, what is good and not good for you. 

It is easy to cave in and crave those bad habits, because they feel good too. That feeling is not long lasting, it is temporary. Chakra meditation can help you to channel within yourself to find answers. We all have fears but love really conquers all. Learning to live from love is the only way people should live in order to obtain true desires. Something as small as dancing to your favorite song or doing something you always wanted to do such as learning how to rollerblade, can lift you to a higher vibration. I think people in life deny their true selves by not living from love. Most people live from fear because it is conforming. 

I was born with my heart chakra open and my purpose is teaching people how to live from love. This starts with self-healing and through this process, manifestation will take place. You must be open to receiving, but most people are used to only giving. We are here on earth to generate life by doing things that bring true joy to our lives. If you feel you are emotionally imbalanced or blocked, contact me for a one on one customized meditation and personalized plan to help you reach your desired goals. Change is inevitable, no point fighting. Live and let go to go with the flow of life.

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