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Life is living in uncertainty. I have lived like this most of my life, except this time people get a chance to know what it feels like to be in my shoes. I have become accustomed to living in uncertain times that I have come to like it, because it has made me a very free person. In situations like this, many people do not feel free. They not free, because they fear the unknown. Even if people went back to living their normal schedule, there is no guarantee. The difference between then and now is that people feel the impact of living with no guarantee.

 I do not feel stressed like other people, but I wish my current environment reflected my lifestyle. I live in the city, but my soul's calling is living in nature far, but close enough that I can walk to get what I need while growing my own. When I was living in a third world country, they face uncertainty every day. Guess what? They are happier than Americans. They do not have the tools to know if anyone is going to die or not. They just had to let things be. They did not have stocked up food. They went out to buy fresh food daily healthier than American food. I am prediabetic and some days I do mess up because of the current environment I am.

 As a Holistic Health Coach, I do not live around the healthiest people. I am the healthiest in the family mentally, physically and emotionally. There is a lot of American food that should be banned. What I am saying is, I love simplicity. I felt remarkably close to people in that country more than my own family. It is not a small country; it was just a feeling of gratitude because of expecting the unexpected. Change is normal, but I am surrounded by people stuck in a routine. Not a work routine, just a lack of motivation to discover themselves. COVID-19 is forcing people to become enlightened, but there are some just stuck in the matrix denying their calling.

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