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I come across toxic people often, and I am meant to because it is part of my purpose to help those seeking to heal themselves. I teach self-healing, because you must be the one to say you are going to win yourself back. Do not wait for others to tell you what to do with your own life. Your soul knows what is best for you, but are you transforming this thought into action? 

Most people do not, and I must re-evaluate how I feel in my personal connections with others. Is this person going to support my personal growth? Is this person aligning with me by changing with me? Is there equal give and take? If someone or something is giving you anxiety, that is a clear sign you have been placed out of balance. The thing is you do not have to allow it to happen.

I still must cut ties with people in my personal life in order to get myself back into balance. I grew up around toxicity and I had no choice but to learn how to heal myself. I am still healing myself from my childhood by transforming into the person I was born to be. I do get energetic shifts when I am around people because I am extremely sensitive. So, I must have the power within me to do what is needed to bring myself back into alignment to keep working on becoming my highest self.

What I am saying is, you will fall and when healing yourself, you must get used to falling and getting back up. I know during COVID-19, you are stuck with certain people around your house or your job and must learn have to navigate their energy while physically being around them. I understand this because I am in this situation myself. What I know from my own experience is that when I am out of alignment, I need to work on my root chakra. 

I get grounded by turning off the TV or tune out other distractions that are bringing me out of balance. I sit outside and become one with nature, I put my bare feet on the ground, I go for a walk and listen to meditations. I do what I need to in order to get back to being myself, because I know the energy and habits, I pick up from other people are not mine, it is theirs for them to deal with. What will happen is, you will feel a release of energy not serving you and gain a new perspective on who or what is not serving you as well. 

Your next move is to get rid of what brings stress or anxiety into your life causing that energetic shift. If you cannot move on from something or someone now, you need to manifest by acting while they are around you. They are watching you, and when they see you have changed, they will want to follow more than compete. They may compete with you for a bit, only to back down when they see that the change is fated. Remember, nothing can change without you acting. If your mind is stuck in the past you cannot move forward, and I recommend practicing meditation to learn how to become present. 

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