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I am a very family-oriented person but, my family practiced social distancing before it became mainstream. I am not only talking about my immediate family, I mean the whole family throughout the United States, except for three people. I used to socially isolate myself, because it is a behavior I learned from my family. Breaking free of social anxiety took years for me to do. There are other negative habits I am still working on to overcome because of social distancing. COVID-19 hasn't changed the social dynamic of my family, sadly. I am sure it is not changing the social dynamic of many families. 

The only way to handle social irresponsibility within your family, is to focus on the change you want to see for yourself. Use social distancing to work on yourself now, so you can find the right people to support the healthy habits you want to see for yourself. Don't feel guilty about wanting a better life for yourself, because you cannot force others to change. Set healthy boundaries with those who are not on your same vibrational level, whether they are family or not. Meditation has given me the strength to do so by clarifying who is there to help me serve my purpose. For a customized meditation to help find your purpose and attract the right people into your life, contact me here for a free wellness e-coaching session.

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