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The word spiritually comes from the words spirit + personality. When you seek to heal yourself through spirituality it is called spiritual healing. Science and spirituality are heavily connected to one another. Spirituality is what is not yet discovered, and science is what has already been discovered. Through spiritually, scientists made discoveries. Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the rainbow comes from white light seen through a prism. When I think of the rainbow, I think of the colors of the 7 chakras. When I think of white light, I think of a higher vibrational level.

Vibrational levels create energy in different forms called frequencies.  Gemstones hold energy and you can test if a gemstone is real or fake with the use of white light. Real gemstones produce a spectrum of colors when exposed to light. Vibrations can mean a feeling, tone or mood. It all depends on the object, person or place.  You cannot see energy in humans, but you can feel the energy. You can see energy in a light bulb. Why? A light bulb is at a lower vibrational level than a human, but air is at a higher vibrational level. Air cannot be seen or touched, but you can feel it in the wind. Wind is air in motion and the higher the vibration, the more you can feel its energy or aura. A light bulb mimics the sun, but the sun is at a higher vibrational level because you can feel it on your skin when it shines upon you.

Higher vibrations are healthier for you. When you are stressed, breathing calms you down. Everyone needs air and it can heal you through breathwork. When I meditate using different breathing techniques, sometimes I feel tremors because my chakras are balancing with the use of breath. A tremor is a reaction I feel when the frequency of my energy is changing from chakra cleansing. Your emotions control the way you breathe and vice versa. When you are angry you breathe fast and heavy. When you are calm, you breathe slow and light. If you are upset and want to calm down immediately, you can use a breathing technique called the alternate nostril method. Pay attention to a person’s breathing when emotions shift.

A positive, happy person is at a high vibration and a negative person is at lower vibration. Lower vibrational levels bring you out of balance can cause sickness. People don't realize that the human spirit is at a higher vibration than air. Air is for the physical body, not the spirit. For those that are religious, God is at a higher vibration than all of us. God scientifically means to (G)enerate, (o)rganize and (d)estroy. Everything in life works in a cycle or circle. Humans generate, organize, destroy and do it repeatedly in that order because God is within the human spirit.

In reference to chakra meditation, it is done the same in theory. Meditation comes from the words mind + attention. When we meditate, we are regenerating from organizing our body and soul though our mind by reprogramming our attention to a higher vibrational level. Affirmations can reprogram your mind to a higher energy level. When we are at a high vibration, we are destroying what no longer serves us in order to heal.

I have experienced exploring different cultures from Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Native American, Amazigh, and those who do not have any religion at all. My purpose as a Holistic Wellness Coach, is showing people that the power to heal is within us, whether we are healing ourselves or other people. Understanding the philosophy behind spiritual healing is the first step in the healing process when using as a healing tool.

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