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Meditation Pose (Savasana)

Chakras: Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Healing Properties: Thought, Air (affirmations with breathing to control emotions)

Ailments: Anxiety, Insomnia, high blood pressure, stress, depression, attachment. 

Benefits: Restorative, slows down breathing, relaxes the muscles, calms the
nervous system, helps to become grounded or live in the moment, connect with

your inner spirit, find answers for complicated situations.

To enjoy this meditation pose, you can modify to make more comfortable for you. If you don't have a yoga mat, use a blanket.

• If the back feels uncomfortable, one could use a blanket for more support to raise the spine away from the floor.  
• If the neck hurts, use a blanket or a cushion below the neck and the head for extra support.  

•To give a better support for the back, use a bolster below the knees or raise the knees by placing the blanket.

Cover the eyes, with a black cloth to avoid light and focus better.

• If one is finding the breath fast and hard, calm the breath by doing alternate nostril breathing for about 12 rounds with each nostril.  (contact me to learn how to do alternate nostril breathing properly if needed, especially if you have asthma.) 

• If the mind wanders, allow it to without focusing on the thoughts and take the mind to the feeling of the inhalation and exhalation at the tip of the nostril. 

 • If the thoughts in the mind are creating stress levels, bring a broad smile on the face with a deep breath and repeat this till the thought eases.  

To gain better results from, repeated practice is essential. Mastery over this meditation pose comes with awareness of the body and the mind and connecting it with the universe around you (Law of attraction. Think positive thoughts!) 

Breathing Technique: Diaphragmic breathing (push stomach out as you breath in and suck stomach in as you breath out. Babies do this naturally, because it is natural.) Breathing properly balances the chakras.

1. Begin by first sitting at the center of the mat or blanket on the floor.  Lay down and place hands to your side palms up. Back of the head and the calf touch the floor, stretching the legs out completely by bringing the spine straight. Spread the legs more than hip distance apart and relax the outer feet on the floor by pointing the toes outwards and heels inwards. Take a few diaphragmatic breaths here and place the hands on the thighs and start to calm the breath. 

2. Now close your eyes bringing the chin down a bit and relax the entire body by loosening it completely.

3. To practice with chanting as a guided meditation, use affirmations when healing yourself through meditation. Affirmations attract your needs (law of attraction). What you put out into the universe comes back to you. Since this is a general meditation, identify with the affirmation your need based on your ailment and repeat: 

I am Calm, I am Grounded, I am Secure, I am Relaxed, I am Strong, I am Fearless, I am Happy, I am Well. I have Food, I have Water, I have Shelter, I have Clothing, I have Air, I have Money, I am Love, I am Light, I am Healed, I am Aware. 

Repeat as much as needed. If you wish to stay silent or stop to remain silent, you can. I never say the words aloud. I repeat the words in my head. Do whatever feels right for you.

4. Now the entire body is put to comfort, watch the mind now. If the mind wanders, say the affirmations and pause for a few breaths.  

5. Stay here till the entire body feels relaxed. Never mind if you sleep, the purpose is to become relaxed.

 This is a general guided chakra meditation. For customized meditations based on an assessment or to learn more about the benefits of chakra balancing and holistic healing, contact here.

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