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Find out which gemstones are for you during your healing journey, especially during these difficult times:

Abalone is the first on the list and very important for emotional healing and personal development. It helps with clearing away self-doubt, fears and a false identity. If you need help finding your true self  and eliminating toxic people or energy in your life, use Abalone shell with a sage smudge stick to cleanse your home, objects and yourself. Use with affirmations and make it a weekly ritual to help open your third eye chakra.

Agate is a stabilizer and very solid. It is known to keep the wearer grounded. Agate helps with discernment as well to know the difference between what is true or false. Basically, your analytical skills will improve. Physically, Agate helps with sight.

Amazonite calms the mind and controls trauma by supporting emotional balance, the heart and throat chakra. Physical healing properties are regeneration after traumatic situations, including illness. Amazonite is good for maintaining overall health.

Amethyst protects against negative energy and promotes motivation, intuition and memory. If you are depressed, Amethyst enhances positivity. It is a good gemstone to wear for mostly anything. If you don't have a lot of money to buy many gemstones, I suggest buying this one for now. 

Angel Aura Quartz is good for helping you on your new path or journey.  It aids in helping you to achieve your desires. Use during visualization meditation for enhancement to envision your desires. It helps with honing your faith and faith in others.

Angelite is for the religious or those that wish to contact spirit guides. Contact angels to help guide you on your path to become the best version of yourself. I suggest using Angelite while meditating with angel or ancestor oracle or tarot cards.

Apatite is for truth seekers. It helps in expansion by attaining truthful knowledge. Aids in the absorption of calcium and healing of the physical body.

Apophyllite is another great gemstone to use for contact angels or spirit guides. Gain insight and vision and stay connected between your physical and spiritual body.

Aquamarine helps with courage by reducing stress. It is helpful for sensitive people. This gemstone can help calm your mind from overthinking and handling criticism.

Aragonite is used to clear blockages. You will be able to focus better by stabilizing to help you become centered. I suggest using this gemstone with  an affirmation to help you stay focused.

Aventurine is one of my favorite gemstones because the Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and my zodiac sign, Aries.  It is soothing to help balance the emotions, dealing with chaotic situations or lifestyles You will dissolve emotions of frustration. The Blue Aventurine regulates communication for emotional bonds. Blue Aventurine is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Azurite aids against eye and skin diseases, hypertension, melancholy, hysteria, epilepsy and overcoming fear.

Black Kyanite is a protective gemstone and grounding. It is useful for meditation because Black Kyanite helps align the chakras and providing a calming effect. Like Amethyst, Black Kyanite enhances intuition. 

Black Tourmaline is great when working on your root chakra because Black Tourmaline enhances grounding and increases physical energy. It promotes positive thinking and eliminates negative energy and stress.

Bloodstone protects against environmental negative energy. Bloodstone is best for a person like me, Lightwork or Holistic Wellness Coach dealing with negative people. Bloodstone provides courage and helps to navigate dangerous people or situations.  It helps to fight evil and jealousy.

Blue Lace Agate is associated with the heart and throat chakra. It aids in unconditional love and helps in alleviating emotional pain. You will be able to communicate your authentic self to others.

Bronzite aids in purifying the blood and if you are an indecisive person, this is the stone to use. You will become grounded and feel confident about your choices. It heals those with trauma, depression and anxiety as well.

Calcite helps to raise the vibration in a space by increasing the positive energy flow in a space. It is best used for distance healing because it amplifies energy. As far as the physical body, calcite improves kidney, panaceas, spleen function and eases back pain.

Carnelian increases fertility and menstruation and rids blockages and pain from fever, infections and muscle pain from arthritis. Also, it helps to regenerate skin.

Celestite is best for lightworkers or those who wish to enhance spiritual senses or the third eye chakra, bringing a calm or centered feeling. Can help aid in the healing process of the eyes, ear, throat and imbalances of the brain.

Chrysocolla is associated with the throat and heart chakra. It helps to fulfill your deepest desires or dreams. If you are working on yourself to reach a dream, this is the stone to use. It supports intuition, obtaining wisdom, hope, unconditional love and acceptance.

These are not the full list of gemstones and stones have complicated healing powers. All the healing powers are not listed above. Stay tuned on the next list of gemstones and for in-depth knowledge of all gemstone healing powers to aid your mind, body and soul.

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