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I love naturally healing products and most of those products I buy at the supermarket or on Amazon. Most of my beauty products are from my kitchen cabinet. Some of the same products I put on my skin and in my hair, I cook with to season my food. The products you place on your body effect the chakra system as much as the food you eat.  Here is a list of my favorites:

I use a lot and is first oil on my list because it is the main item for managing my hair and skin. I usually mix it with tea tree and lavender oil for an after shave ingrown hair prevention treatment. Coconut oil alone is antimicrobial, and I use as a natural mouth wash as well.

APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR is antibacterial, and I drink a capful with a cup of water once or twice a day to cleanse my gut. If you are diabetic, AVC helps to regulate blood sugar and aids in weight loss. Other than digesting, AVC can be used as a disinfectant to replace harmful cleaning and beauty products. I use as a face toner to combat acne and soak my feet weekly to prevent fungus. It can be used to cure fungus as well with consistency. People with dreads use to cleanse along with baking soda. 

FLAX SEEDS I used for my hair today. I make hair gel with flax seeds and after I make the gel, I keep the seeds to use in my oatmeal or smoothie. I place on my face as a mask as well, because flax seeds contain protein and omega 3, the beneficial fat. The texture of my skin feels tighter and my hair feels smoother. My curls really pop after every use.

HEMP SEED OIL is a great oil and like coconut oil, it is a carrier oil. I prefer hemp seed oil over olive oil for my hair and skin. Consuming hemp seed oil supports the heart, brain and immune system. Hemp seed oil contains omega 3 and 6.

HIMALAYAN SEA SALT I use instead of Epsom salt with AVC when I soak my feet. Himalayan salt contains more nutrients than you might think. It contains 84 essential minerals and regulates blood. Massage therapists use in the form of a stone for bodywork, because it exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. I make candles with Himalayan salt because it detoxifies the air and can be used to cleanse gemstones of all the negative energy that has been absorbed.

BAKING SODA I mix in my foot soak with AVC and Himalayan salt. It is a natural cleanser and I exfoliate my face and teeth with baking soda. I use it to create a microdermabrasion by mixing with an oil. You can clean with baking soda to scrub your surfaces and place on your carpets or mattress to absorb bacteria.

TEA TREE OIL is another antibacterial product I use. You can place in your foot soak, but I normally use tea tree oil with lavender oil in my coconut oil to combat ingrown hairs. I wash my hair or moisturize my scalp with tea tree oil for clearing dandruff.

LAVENDER OIL is calming and other than using for beauty products, I use on my bed sheets. Lavender can help you fall asleep and if you have a bed bug problem, this oil can help to protect you at night.

LEMONGRASS OIL I use as a natural perfume. I don't like designer perfumes and lemongrass is strong enough to deodorize your armpits. It is a natural repellent as well against mosquitos. Always use essential oils with a carrier oil. Essential oils are strong and may burn the skin without a carrier oil.

ALOE VERA LEAF is one of the best superfoods because it is a great natural healer. I use it as a gel for my hair and I drink it to regulate my blood sugar. Aloe aids in healing anything happening inside the body. You have damaged hair? Use aloe. You have dry, cracked feet? Use aloe. It is the perfect moisturizer because aloe moisturizes without the oiliness and it is the perfect hair gel without hardening hair. Aloe is the most affordable product compared to most super foods. 

AZTEC CLAY is best mixed with AVC. I use for my hair to loosen my curls and to detox my skin. It dissolves dandruff because it is antibacterial and if you have acne, this is the product to use. 

OLIVE OIL has vitamin E and sometimes I place in a spray bottle to spray on my body while I am in the shower to combat dry skin. I place olive oil in my salad with vinegar because it aids against heart disease. If you have a cold and your chest is filled with phlegm, you can use olive oil to help dissolve the phlegm. You will cough a lot because the phlegm will lift easily. This is a trick I learned from an Arabic family when I was sick and living in Algeria.

HENNA is used in Algeria and other countries for antibacterial use. I use it for my feet to prevent fungus and it can be used to heal feet from fungus. You can create a great henna design to cover unsightly feet and nails. When I have a pimple, I use henna to heal and cover blemishes. Henna is natural make-up, nail polish and hair dye. Other benefits for the hair are combating dandruff and loosening curl pattern. 

LEMON I used on my neck as a natural exfoliate when I had marks from plucking ingrown hairs. It is natural retinol I recommend leaving on for a minute and rinse off. In a couple of days, you will see the skin lightly peel. Lemon is sensitive to sunlight and it is best to wear sunblock after use before skin is exposed to the sun. I drink lemon water to detox my gut as well.

MATCHA is awesome. It is a high antioxidant and provides energy for me more than coffee. When I drink matcha, I can't sleep because I have so much energy. I usually drink matcha before I exercise to help boost my metabolism. Matcha tastes good in smoothies and in vanilla ice cream. It is best to use matcha in desserts to help eliminate toxins.

 If you want to transition to holistic products or want to save money, these are great starters. Follow up with your doctor or integrative specialist before use. Follow me on Amazon or Instagram for recommended brands I use or contact for guidance. 

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