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When I was in graduate school, I did not know how to cope with the stress and criticism of my media projects from the professors. Many teachers don't know how to empathize with their students. In 2008, I decide to learn how to crochet because I want to try something new and create something other than what I was producing in graduate school. I remember feeling calm crocheting and making very intricate designs only from my imagination. Even though my patterns were complicated, it was a free flowing-process unlike what I was experiencing in school.

 I wasn't focusing on the criticism from my professors or any other negative thoughts. I wasn't even counting, because I created only from a chain stitch and whatever came out of the process was the product. I would just let my hands form the shape. The meditation process is like this way of thinking. When I meditate, I not thinking but I am listening to myself from within. I discover something about myself and that continues to shape my identity. As I learn new things about myself, I am calmer and approach life with ease.

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