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God and the Angels gave me the gift of lightwork to help fight the negative forces of evil. When I see numbers 444 (right path) or 11 11 (door), I am being guided by God and the Angels to face possibly a test or find out something through experience on how to help others. I recently came into a situation of where I was guided to meet a manipulator. The person is a skillful charmer but through my perception the actions came off cunning.

I did feel connected to this person to have trusted enough and because I was guided there as well. Also, emotionally I could understand this person even though the intentions were to try to trap me, just like a spider. Inside, my intuition told me there is love. The person appears cold but deep inside is hurting. I could see a mask and the alignment with me was off. This person appeared insecure, secretive and self-destructive. What I tried to figure out the most is if the person is as stupid as appeared or was playing a game.

 A lot of psychopaths will come off as if they are dumb and empathic but in reality they are defensive, strategic and are inside of their heads most of the time. They don't voluntarily give out information. I was asking a lot of questions but when I wasn't being answered questions, I questioned the person's motive for meeting me. Many abusers try to attack the mind because the mind is very powerful. Once you learn to control your mind, you control your life. So, I noticed this person tried to control and many times I had to say, "no". The word "no", was out of this person's control.

I could see the selfishness and the goal was to get what was wanted. That was the only intention, but I am one of God's children and goodness conquers evil. I could see the battle inside this person between good and evil. There is a blockage, but my other intuition is that this person is not willing to change and pull away from the negative energy that controls from the past.  I am here to fulfill God's mission and my purpose is to try to show you the way to heal yourself. As I am healing myself through trial and error, I find the answers and I present those solutions to you. What I was guided to do was break away from the experience, as though I was there to teach a lesson not only to this person but to myself and others. I could feel the toxicity and the behaviors were not going to change.

If you are experiencing anything like this with someone meditation with all chakras will help you to break away from this kind of manipulation. If you are this kind of person, meditation will help you as well to change your toxic ways. Only when you are willing to grow to change this will work for you. You can't slack off in life and not take the opportunities presented to you. If you continue to create chaos for yourself and others, karma will come back for you. I could feel the karma immediately because I could see the guilt that this person felt but hiding in fear is not the answer. Take control of your life and become responsible for your actions. We are of the divine and made to move towards the light not the dark.

I will be uploading an introductory e-book on how to meditate with kundalini (chakra) yoga and it is using all chakras. For me, the heart chakra is the most important because in order to conquer fear and let God and the Angels help guide you to the right people and opportunities, you must open your heart. If you are currently feeling any anxiety, fears or worries I will uploading a meditation on my YouTube channel to help relieve that negative energy. If you are in need of information now in order to help heal yourself you can contact me here. Take care of yourself, open your heart and God Bless.

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