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Everyone has a fear. My fear is a sense of losing control over myself. It is normal to feel vulnerable because humans are made to interact and comfort one another. Even though you may feel comfortable sometimes the intentions are blurred. When I think about the times, I was loved I felt good. Not just by others but by myself. Fear of losing is what will hold you back. The normal thing was for me to withdraw from the world when there was a loss. 

It is ok to grieve but for how long? Hiding will only bring you deeper into that dark hole. There is a fear to move forward and hold on to the past. It is why we fear becoming too involved in new relationships, not love. In order to heal, moving ahead is the best decision you will make in order to get closer to what you want. You can't help those that are out of balance, but you can help yourself. If they don't fall into the same vibration as you, never forget that God will bring you those that do. 

It is a bittersweet feeling when you love someone who is not as awakened as you are. It is more difficult to leave knowing that there is an intuitively natural connection. We are not often honest with ourselves about being in that kind of situation because of the fear to leave a loved one. We all make mistakes, but we can recover from them knowing we made the right choice. Don't fill an emotional void through food, sex or anything else. When you get to know yourself, you will eventually find what you need.

You can love from a distance hoping they are willing to transform someday. If not, don't let them throw you off balance no matter how strong that soul connection feels. Don't wait for that because you have a better connection coming. You must be open to the offer. You must open your heart to those that really want your heart. And if they seem like they are avoiding you, they are really avoiding themselves because they are not willing to change. Don't let the sadness consume you. Remember the love and why it was there.

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