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The holidays are a stressful time for many. Preparing for the holidays or remembering a loss of a loved one during this time. Color therapy has helped me to heal and overcome daily struggles. I used color therapy stones to help relax. Simply view the color for a few minutes and that is all you need for it to do its magic. You do need to be careful which color you choose as each color has a purpose.

I found these rocks at Yellowstone National Park. I was drawn to these colors specifically. One night I was stressed, and I looked at the light blue rock to calm myself while listening to meditative music. My eyes began to drift to sleep. Blue symbolizes sky, sea and heaven. It gives you a sense of stability. Blue is also the color that represents the masculine energy of boys as men are supposed to provide stability to female energy. Below is a list of the meaning of the other colors and in reference to the colors of chakra except red:

Purple is the color of royalty and wisdom. In ancient times, most noble people wore purple because it represents nobility. The color purple is associated with spirituality and deep understanding. In chakra this color represents the crown chakra. It is the seventh chakra located at the top of the head connecting us to universal energy. If you seek wisdom, feel lost and without a purpose meditating with the color purple can help guide you along with practicing meditation for the crown chakra. In this batch of color therapy stones, there are two kinds of purple. The other purple, lilac or lavender represents grace. Needing a feminine touch along with deep understanding? Meditate on the lilac stone.

Pink represents universal love and female energy. Rose pink as in rose quartz is one of the colors for the heart chakra which represents unconditional love and self-love. I focus on the heart chakra and if you are blocked from loving yourself and others meditate on the pink stone. If you are judging yourself or others, holding onto grudges, isolating yourself and resisting to change then your heart chakra is blocked. This color during meditation will help you to relate to others, show compassion, forgive yourself and others and change into the person you want to be. If you combine heart chakra meditation it will help you further along in your healing process. There are two kinds of pink in this collection. The other is the fuchsia color which will give you confidence in yourself and other.

Blue as stated earlier represents stability and calmness. There are two kinds blue in this in this bunch as well. The light blue represents serenity or peace while the darker blue provides depth and steadiness. In chakra, blue represents the throat. If you are having trouble with public speaking, speaking and standing up for yourself meditate on the blue stone. Using throat chakra meditation to help you heal as well will help you to speak the truth and express your true nature to others in both verbal and non-verbal communication. In the past, I had trouble speaking up for myself. I was unaware I was standing in the earth chakra for the throat. When I was living in Israel, I was in Mount Olives in Jerusalem. I did not realize being there helped me to express myself the way I know myself that others could not see.

Green also represents the heart chakra and is the color of renewal, harmony, life, nature and abundance. It is mainly the color of growth and in relation to the heart chakra, self-love is all about growing. Through self-love you learn more about yourself, your purpose and you grow from that experience. Meditate on green and apply heart chakra if you seek change within yourself.

Orange is the color of creativity. If you are creatively blocked, meditating on the orange stone and/or sacral chakra can help bring back inspiration. Also, it stimulates appetite if you are unable to eat. The sacral chakra is associated with orange. It helps dealing with your emotions if you are emotionally blocked. Creativity comes when your emotions are balanced. If you are out of balance with your emotions, you are out of touch with your sense of self. Drug use or co-dependency may be a contributing factor in your life as to why you are emotionally blocked.

Yellow is the color of happiness, intellect, optimism and enlightenment. Yellow is the color for the solar plexus. This chakra is responsible for providing will power, self-discipline, making reasonable judgments and planning for setting a clear path in your life. When we are mostly happy it is because we have found our purpose and we pursue it. The true purpose of everyone is to become your highest self and help others with the gifts you were naturally given. Meditating on the yellow stone along with practicing meditation for the solar plexus can help you focus on finding your happiness. All chakras are the gateway to the heart and as you practice you will know what is best for you in life.

These rocks are only for viewing colors. Please do not place them on your body for chakra healing as these rocks are artificial grown in a lab. Natural stones have flaws that can be seen. If they look too perfect, they are artificial. Many gemstones are grown in a lab today supposedly for sustainability. You don't have to have a blood diamond, but you do need the real thing to feel the healing powers of the stone on your body. To feel the healing powers of color therapy is a simpler process.  For further information on natural stones chakra healing please view the post on gemstones.

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